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I also hated wine so much the first time I tried it I got sick, and didn't realize it was because it was the cheapest, driest, most tart disgusting cigarette butt dredge wine ever. After learning a bit more about it and trying some lighter mild (and better quality) ones and working my way up, I eventually learned to really appreciate it and might be just a bit of a wino now

Oh man, I dislike most alcohol so far SOOO MUCH, but I can also see, after just one drink and feeling just slightly tipsy, why people enjoy it anyway! I got good info from this thread and will have to try a moscato! :D

Start off with a moscato, that has a low alcohol percentage. Also Stella Rosa is a very sweet, carbonated wine that’s inexpensive. I used to hate wine too. it’s just a taste thing that will come to you as you drink it! Or, maybe it’s just not for you. Enjoy! Maybe it’s like tea—I couldn’t get over how bitter it was at first, but as I sipped little bits here and there (and found peach tea) I got it. I now like all sorts of teas. Maybe try Rosé? I’ve heard that’s a good one. Gentle flavor. ETA: also, it’s bright pink. Who doesn’t love that?


  1. author
    TomsuNovember 7th, 20121:29 pm

    I am genuinely disturbed by the amount of people that did not get this as a joke, and immediately burst into "4 legs good, 2 legs bad".

    1. author
      GeorgeNovember 8th, 20123:36 pm

      Gladly your proposition dies in this post, where your whole universe exists. When dealing with real life, you’ll find things differently than this sub.

      1. author
        JoachinNovember 8th, 20126:20 pm

        Give a bunch of dumb fucks access to a worldwide microphone that helps them find other like minded dumb fucks to circle jerk over dumb shit until they take down society.

  2. author
    BoscoNovember 15th, 20129:06 am

    Aliquam erat volutpat. Morbi pulvinar, libero convallis suscipit tempus, libero ligula dapibus nulla, sit amet congue erat elit egestas est.

  3. author
    EdwardNovember 23th, 20124:56 pm

    Dont worry, once the war is over covid will be back on the menu. Its narrative is too powerful for the elite to give up their control.

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